Operatørkonferansen 2022

Clarion Hotel Air – Stavanger

22. – 23. november


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CAN-integrator – a low cost and low CO2 emissions subsea field development solution

The CAN-integrator enables modular field equipment to be added to the CAN-ductor prior to installation. It is an integrator between drilling, SPS (Subsea Production System) and SURF (Subsea, Umbilical, Riser, Flowlines) operations. This pioneering force within the CAN technology suite is leading the way toward a next-generation subsea solution for infill and satellite wells.


Inspectio AS develops software that helps asset owners and service providers to document their equipment compliance, and save valuable time by digitizing inspections, maintenance and other activities.

Inspectio was created by combining our inspection expertise with the latest web and mobile technologies, to give you the best inspection solution available.

Inspectio was born in the offshore industry, and are experts in hazardous area work.  Further on we aim too serve any industry that need digital inspection and documentation of their field tasks. Inspectio was first developed by Westcon, starting out as a product in 2015, then demerged to Inspectio AS in August 2020. Westcon is still our sole owner. Inspectio is customer driven and we work every day to serve you and your needs in digital transformation.

Icr Integrity Norge AS

Medco dinHMS

Rogalands største lokale bedriftshelsetjeneste, og gir deg spisskompetanse innen olje- og gass. Siden oppstarten i 1986 har vi støttet olje- og leverandørindustrien. Vi har også over tid utviklet et bredt spekter av HMS-tjenester som for eksempel helsekontroller, risikovurderinger og alle typer HMS-rådgivning og -bistand, som er spesialtilpasset for behovene på sokkelen.


Lapwing hold 30 years experience within downhole tool design and machining. Lapwing do not hold any IP.

By using our new horizontal Savage-T14™ Testbench we are able to offer close to reality testing off downhole tools at Klepp Stasjon, close to Stavanger.

In our Savage-T14™ we have drilled through 10 meter concrete, crushed concrete between liner and casing, simulated fishing jobs and a lot more.

Testing in Savage-T14™ are extremely cost effective.

Onix AS

Can you document that all your company`s work equipment is safe to use every day and in accordance with legal requirements?

Keeping track of your company’s  work equipment can be an overwhelming and a near impossible task.

Onix is the only independent software solution on the market today, where multiple companies can collaborate, create and share equipment data and documents throughout the entire value chain.

Ex-Tech Group AS

Ex-tech Group is a global manufacturer of a comprehensive portfolio of Ex-products and applications. Ex-tech develops and design turnkey solutions for Ex environment offshore and onshore. What separates us is that combine our expertise, experience and being an innovator to provide the market leading products and solutions. Challenging the status quo is in our DNA, and we combine digitalization with Ex systems and products, to reduce Opex and unwanted incidents. Ex-tech is offering full range solutions, from single components to whole machinery with extensive engineering. Whilst enable us to find the optimal solution for our clients.

Digitalization and Automation:

Ex-tech Group and Disruptive Technologies (DT) now offer their cutting-edge tiny sensor for hazardous area, allowing customers to benefit from high data accuracy in their maintenance planning and operational excellence.This means the Industry Hydrogen, O&G, Petrochemicals, Pharmacy etc. remotely can operate, monitor, and control their installations onshore and offshore to a fraction of the cost,reducing manual work, prevent incidents and gain new and important insight – that benefits business, employees, and environment.

Winns as

In Winns the employees know much about energy solutions based on refrigeration technology, natural refrigeration and control philosophy of heating and cooling units.

 Winns aim to contribute to the world climate goals. The world needs to increase renewable energy production. Heating and cooling units are critical to cover the world's future energy need, in a renewable way.

Winns believe natural refrigerants is a prerequisite for growing the heat pump industry. All employees in Winns work to contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions. Employees have a passion to increase renewable energy production.

Employees in Winns Offshore have long and valuable experience from different fields within the oil and gas industry and have delivered the AC&R part of HVACR solutions to the Norwegian Continental Shelf for more than two decades.

Operatørkonferansen 2022

Clarion Hotel Air – Stavanger

22. – 23. november

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